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In 2010, the inventor read a report about a paraplegic in Hong Kong... 


The report mentioned that this young paraplegic locked himself in his unit for 8 years because there was a set of stairs with 5 steps. Because of these 5 steps, he found it inconvenient to go out without assistance, so he decided to lock himself in the unit living like a prisoner. Worse still, there were and is still very limited facilities for wheelchair users to get around in Hong Kong. This poses major challenges and inconvenience for the wheelchair users without assistance! 
Deeply touched by this true story, our inventor Alan Lee started to create an ideal wheelchair to combat the problem of barriers;
He also had taken into consideration the costs of a well-designed wheelchair and invented an affordable, safe and reliable stair-climbing wheelchair. This would enable all wheelchair users in the world to break the barriers and live in a world of freedom without obstacles. After a year of research and development, Alan achieved an initial success in his creation.

The establishment of B-Free Technology Ltd was inspired by a paraplegic report

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